Responding To Health Emergencyface-mask

Bob Burns will make sure St. Louis County is responding in this health emergency and that we are better prepared for the next one. He thinks partisanship should be put aside on the County Council in a crisis to fund the test kits and PPE so desperately needed by our nurses and first responders.

Keeping Our Community SafeSTLCounty

Burns will fight to see that money we approved with the passage of Prop P for law enforcement isn’t being squandered. He will see that promises made to the public for increased police protection from our internationally accredited St. louis County Police are fulfilled. The first responsibility of government is to keep citizens safe. Burns will continue to be an outspoken advocate for the men and women of law enforcement, all first responders, and the people they serve. We need to maintain the emphasis on reducing crime rates and keeping the residents of the 6th District and St. Louis County safe. Bob Burns is proud to have the endorsement of the St. Louis County Police Officers Association.

Maintaining Good Neighborhoods

Burns knows the county must address nuisance properties to maintain property values. He is opposed to forcing landlords to turn their property into Section 8 housing. He supports helping people become first-time homeowners and low-interest/no-interest home improvement funds to help people better afford to maintain their homes. As a former school board member, Bob also knows maintaining property values also entails supporting good public education, keeping our streets safe, and clean.

Supporting Small Businessyoung-woman-standing-storefront-Feature_1290x688_MS

Burns knows how badly our small businesses have been hurting because of the pandemic. He is committed to having the county work with small businesses to help them stay in business, recover quickly, and be prepared to create new jobs. Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy and provide the vital services our community needs.

smiling_older_womanHelping Seniors

Bob Burns believes we must improve services for seniors and Veterans, and making sure nursing homes and VA facilities are safe. He would like to see the state allow a freeze on property tax assessments for seniors, on their own home, when one or both reach the age of 65. He doesn’t believe seniors on fixed incomes should be taxed out of their own homes.

Improving Infrastructure

Bob Burns will fight to see that the 6th District receives its fair share of funds for needed infrastructure and services. Under the current administration, our tax dollars are mainly flowing to other parts of the county. He believes we need a more effective spokesperson and advocate for local projects we need here in South County.

Supporting Laborconstructionjobgrowth

Bob Burns is a former Teamster and has been an outspoken advocate for working men and women during his nearly eight years in the Missouri General Assembly. He was a vehement opponent of so-called Right-to-Work and fought to protect prevailing wage.

acw20veterans20day204.jpgHonoring Our Veterans

Burns, as a member of the Veterans Committee of the House, supported programs to help our veterans and will continue to be an advocate on the County Council for those who have served our nation.

Maintaining Parks & Recreation

Bob believes in keeping our parks and recreational facilities in good shape and providing a wide range of services for people of all ages. They must also be properly policed by park rangers to make sure children are safe and all users act responsibly.


Bob Burns will continue to answer every phone call and e-mail from you and work to answer your questions or resolve any issues. Contact him today!

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